Unicorns Car Seat Poncho

Unicorns Car Seat Poncho

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Car seat ponchos are AMAZING and SAFE!

Since you are not supposed to put a child in the car seat with their jacket on, the jacket makes the seatbelt looser then it is supposed to be. And if you get in an accident it is more likely your child will be ejected. The car seat poncho will keep your child warm and safe. You place your child in the car seat and buckle them in and then put the poncho on them. It is also great from running from the car to the store. Don't need to take extra time and put a jacket on. 

It is basically a wearable blanket they cannot pull off and throw on the ground while you are driving. 

Car seat ponchos can come in 6 different sizes:
  • 1/2 (0-6 months) $30
  • 1 (6-12 months) $30
  • 2 (12-24 months) $32
  • 4 (2-4 years) $35
  • 6 (4-6 years) $35
  • 8 (6-8 years) $38

These are for RTS (ready to ship) ponchos. If you want a custom one please see the custom car seat poncho listing.